Tradition & Values

Honour tradition and shape your future

Over a century-long tradition of Cracovia - the oldest Polish sport club - is inextricably connected with the history of Poland. The tradition is expressed through white and red club colours, which remind us of patriotism, respect for history and Cracovia values. Patriotism and tradition are an integral part of our club, and are connected directly with candidness, tolerance and respect for other cultures and nationalities. This unique wisdom has been passed down through generations among the Cracovia community. The traditions, developed both in the moments of glory and in the lean years, live in the minds of our supporters. By respecting those values we shape the future.

Play fair and always win

To play fair is to remember about honour, rules, loyalty, honesty, impartiality and just treatment. This attitude is the key to success both in sport and in personal life. It can be observed through cultivation of the fundamental principles of social interaction: candidness, ability to reach a compromise, respect for the other people, relatives and colleagues. Everyday life provides us with countless chances to present high ethical and moral standards and stand by the fair play rules. Respecting the fair play principles is a success in itself. It is also a proof of true courage and a mood booster.

Everyday express true emotions

Emotions are a part of everyday life. Heartfelt emotions bring people together and enable them to get to know one another, whether we talk about joy, sadness, fascination, love or friendship. They propel our life. Sport events provide us with incredible opportunities for real and unfettered expression of feelings. Speaking of positive emotions connected with supporting a sport club, we also try to comprehend the source of destructive emotions such as aggression. We want to learn how to prevent them and how to react. Contrasting white and red club colours are a reflection of emotional approach to life. Cracovia community tries to induce positive emotions that bring people together.

Recognize what is important in life

Sport, the essence of rivalry, or football in itself are incredibly capacious metaphors which contain probably all of the verities of life. The idea was wonderfully put into words by Jerzy Pilch - Cracovia supporter who is one of the best known contemporary writers and columnists: Successes, failures, perversity of fate, chance, unpredictability and many other factors - it is all fundamental in sport - a microworld which condenses everything that is important in life. In sport you need to set yourself a goal and pursue it. When speaking of Cracovia, the key is the possibility to be a part of a unique community, which unites people with similar values and tradition. Building and strengthening this community is one of the principal goals of MKS Cracovia SSA.